Business Strategy

Our Business Strategy

Business Strategy

We believe that a combination of quality assets and highly skilled employees will facilitate the procurement of term contracts and premium day rates. We have grown our company significantly from its incorporation in 2012 and have strong ambitions to continue our growth.

The key elements in our strategy are as follows:

  • Commitment to provide customers with safe and effective operations;
  • Combine state-of-the-art OSV with experienced and skilled employees;
  • To build the new strategic framework to pursue further growth in conventional waters as well as deepwater areas;
  • The next wave of technology and where it may be leading us to the next lap of creative and innovative services.
Business Strategy

We believe that consolidation in the offshore Marine Services and drilling rig industry would improve the pricing and earnings visibility for our services. Such consolidation activities may be in the form of transactions for specific offshore drilling units or companies. We actively look for growth opportunities and intend to take part in the future consolidation of our industry if we determine that potential transactions are in the best interest of our company.